About Podcast Nabat

My love for nature blossomed like the beautiful surroundings of my hometown; Amman, Jordan. Working in a confined space all day demands that I reconnect with my roots of the natural world, simply to enjoy the serenity it offers.  

Although, plants have far more to offer than to just be aesthetically pleasing, I believe plants and flowers, be it in your house or garden, have the power to indulge your less-than-urban desires. In our day and age, it is essential to keep a slice of heaven in your home in the form of a plant, and given that many don’t, that’s why Podcast Nabat came to be. 

Podcast Nabat is the first botany-focused Arabic podcast, tailored to be both informative and useful to those who have the interest, but lack the knowledge. Through engaging field experts and enthusiasts, the topics will range far beyond seed selection, and pruning methods. And we won’t just stop there, we will take your recommendations and requests into consideration as we grow from a mere podcast, into a community. We’re on this journey together.

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